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5 Sneaky Ways social media could ruin your happiness

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By definition, social media is a good thing. It’s even a great thing. You can share stuff and follow the people you care about and interact with their shares. How is that bad? Let’s get straight to the point; if you’re not careful.. social media could ruin your happiness. Even your life. Your career. Everything.


1. You become dependant

Maybe you just don’t realise. I’m wrong? Try going to the gym without letting anyone know you’re actually working out.  Or go on a trip or vacation without letting anyone know on Facebook that you’re at the airport. These types of posts occur so often that I find it scary to see someone being on a vacation – supposedly disconnected from work and all the everyday habits, still let everyone know every single move he’s or she’s making. Do we really need to know? I mean, when you get back from vacation and a friend comes over to your place; that person cannot ask you about your vacation. People already know everything and saw almost everything.

  • You don’t need to share everything
  • Sometimes, you share a little too much information
  • Some information is not destined to everyone
  • Your (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc.) likes reveal a lot about you

Other than that, generally, don’t talk about work online.


2. You care about the wrong things

Social Media could really cause you to have a false sense of connection with your friends and family. You probably have heard this before. But for many frequent social network users it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between the real and the many insignificant interactions they have with their beloved ones online.

  • You only wish people success or congratulate (for birthdays) via Facebook or Twitter instead of dropping by for a short and unannounced visit. Do people still do that?
  • News gets to you only through social media, like an engagement or a new born in the family. Really, someone should tell you that in real life… shame on both of you
  • If you would hug someone for every time you share something online, you’d truly make someone happy everyday (or every hour?)
  • You get a satisfactory feeling when you reach over 50 likes or retweets on a single post
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Like 5,000 empty gift boxes for your birthday. It’s unreal and makes no sense.


3. You can get mental problems

Social media could ruin your mental and physical health if you really use these networks way too much. I’m not a doctor, so here are a few forwards;


4. You develop bad habits

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you open your eyes. Of course, you snooze your alarm clock. Then what? If your answer is ‘I check my notifications’, I’m afraid you’re in trouble.

  • If you post personal or entertaining things more than 7 times per day, everyday… You’re close to an addiction
  • You check your phone, tablet or social media browser tab several times an hour without hearing nor seeing any actual notification; you’re already addicted
[tweet]Social media could ruin your relationship or marriage.[/tweet] It can become more addicting than drinking and cigarettes.


5. You put yourself or others in danger

One of the most ignored facts is that people who overly use social media networks to tell everyone where they are, when and with who (by tagging their friends or family) make it easier for anyone with bad intentions to find them. Or rob them when they’re not at home. How could someone possibly know you were going to leave home?

  • You posted “can’t wait to go to Italy. 5 More days <3”
  • Geolocation will tell that you left home and that you’re at the airport
  • Your Instagram picture will confirm that you are in Italy


Social Media Could ruin your life

If you recognise any of these above potential bad habits, please do something about it as soon as possible. We care about you, I care about you.


But if you are a moderate social media user, go ahead and share this to your friends who do need to read this.

(Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?…)

What do you think?

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