5 Tasty Breakfast Recipes That Will Quash Your Pregnancy Blues

Those nine months are critical than you think. Women go through several challenges, both mental and at physical level. Mood swings, depressive spells and day to day sickness continue till the very last month.


Breakfast recipe for pregnancy blues

Medicines can only reduce physical symptoms to an extent but mental fitness is the key. Unfortunately, most of us stay in touch with a doctor but hardly ever feel the need to visit a psychologist.

Not that they are only to deal with bad behavior or emotions but they can be extremely helpful in sailing you through pregnancy period.

Benefits of meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and relaxing therapies are known to everyone and nothing can be an alternative to these.  As much as your doctor would push you for these activites, you would be willing to include them in your daily routine.

Mental experts would help you on small things. Questions such as, why not finding answers to every unpleasant situation helps or how to enjoy your favorite food?, can be explained with little fuss and sheer logic.

A similar instance happened with my long time friend – Katie. She was 3 months in her pregnancy and didn’t look like enjoying the phase. While we often read blogs from successful mothers on how much they loved the time, we were sure Katie was missing something.

My chef friend happened to had the thank you note finally. The two had a small talk over Thanksgiving celebration. He told her how he puts all the joy and fervor in every single dish he prepares.

He had a simple clue to all her distress. ‘LOVE YOUR FOOD’, he said.

Today, Katie is a mother of 2, happy and enjoying her time with her family. What’s more, she is a life coach and an established counselor.  Check out any of the top parenting blogs, and you’ll find her involved.

Mikk, the chef believed that if you start loving what you do, life would be fun J

Along with this small story today, let me share a wonderful infographic on some delectable food recipes that would freshen up your taste buds if you are going through pregnancy.

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Check it out –

Pregnancy blues breakfast recipe

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