What are the Different Types of Office Cleaning Services?

Office cleaning is important for attracting patrons, customers, and investors. A lot of time is needed for proper cleaning of workspaces, not to mention the knowledge, experience, tools, and technology are needed, as well. Office cleaning services are usually put under the category of ‘Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services’, and must be carried out every week or every day depending on the footfall in the workspace and the schedule set by a company. Find out about some of the most common cleaning services extended to office spaces.

Floor cleaning services

A well-polished and shiny floor is one of the first things that people notice in an office. Many cleaning agencies offer cleaning services for all kinds of surfaces, such as no-wax, slate, marble, terra cotta, tile, cement, hardwood, ceramic, or vinyl floors. These services are important for extending the lifespan of the office floors. Honing, grinding, sealing, waxing, and high-speed polishing are some of the commonest office floor cleaning services. These buffs and protect floors, and remove epoxy, scratches, and adhesive from the surfaces at the same time.

Window cleaning services

Cleaning the windows and making them look spotless sparkling is something that in-house janitors cannot offer well. It is not generally included in standard office cleaning, and need separately hiring of professionals. A professional cleaner can tidy up every window of your office building, from the inside as well as outside, and has proper tools such as harness, rope, and gear to ensure the safety of cleaners during cleaning operations. They also have workers’ insurance, which can keep you covered even if an accident occurs and there are injuries or even death. Find out beforehand whether your cleaning services provider carries sufficient workers insurance policy from a reputed agency. Make sure it is not in lapsed condition.

Carpet cleaning

It is important to clean up carpets and rugs as well, especially those of expensive varieties – such as Persian rugs. It is essential for you to clean up your rugs and carpets as frequently as possible. It is important to look at the cleaning solutions and reagents used by a cleaning service provider, and ensure that they are fully organic and eco-friendly. Failure to do this might end up causing damage to your expensive carpets and rugs. You might end up with respiratory problems, allergies, and other issues due to constant breathing of the synthetic chemical leftovers from cleaning solutions used by professionals.

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An efficient office cleaning services provider knows about the best cleaning solutions and eco-friendly methods. They ensure that your carpet strands and fibers are cleaned from deep within but do not ruin in the long run.

General office cleaning

General official cleaning commonly involves cleaning of toilets, kitchen countertops, desks, etc. Floor vacuuming and mopping may also be included to an extent. You will want to keep your office space free of dust and germs and smelling nice and fresh. In some cases, such as when there are spills, a slightly deeper clean is involved. However, many basic cleaning elements are sufficient for such cleaning purposes.

Restroom disinfecting and cleaning, trash gathering and collection, refinishing, foyer cleaning and stripping, surface dusting, elevator cleaning and stair cleaning are some other services that are involved in general office cleaning services.

Pressure washing services

These are essential for keeping your parking lot and cars in pristine shape. If you need to make your business premises look outstanding, you should consider car park cleaning. Other than pressure washing your tarmac, cleaners can take out the discarded rubbish and ensure that your premises look professional and tidy. The ambience will look respectable and people-friendly.

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