Ways to Enhance your Marketing Strategy With Google Analytics

Google is the world’s most trusted and widely used search engine. Almost everyone of us uses it for answer to our day to day queries. Be it searching good grocery shop in the vicinity or looking for some famous delicacies of the world, google search engine is our partner always.

But, do you know that google search engine is not just for individuals, in fact, it’s a great tool for enhancing businesses. Google extends some ways to extend your marketing strategy with its tool named Google Analytics.

Before getting to know more about Google Analytics, let’s understand some Google Analytics terminology:

The Users: Users are the people who visit your website for the first time or revisit your website within the date selected by you at Google Analytics.

Dimensions: The dimensions describe the characteristics of various objects such as session duration, browser and exit.

Metrics: Metrics means measurement and for Google Analytics, metrics means measuring each dimension individually. This includes session duration average time or the number of times the screen is viewed.

Bounce Rate: This another terminology determines the number of users that visited your website only once and never returned back, which also means that some users visited your website, but did not interact at all.

Sessions: Session is the time duration for which the user stays on your website. This is the time measured from login/ webpage visit till the exit.

Ways to enhance your business with Google Analytics

  1. Set Goals: Setting up goals is one of the easiest to use feature in the Google Analytics tool but is commonly ignored. For most of the sites, it’s important to do some conversion and Google Analytics provides a range of templates to choose from and make a record of all the conversions. After setting this feature, google shall display you a list of all conversions with the progress rate.
  2. Have some Customized Dashboards: With Google Analytics, you can have for up to 20 customized dashboards. The most important is to select the opening template and once you are done with that, you can now add as many widgets as you want. Widgets are functionalities that include both the standard and the real-time data and projections for almost any type of metric you can ever think of. This is an important and very useful step  in producing some consistent reports that display a high level progress sheet of your website.
  3. Put some custom Alerts: Sparing time to check the analytics report everyday could be a difficult thing for many and google alerts are therefore available for help. You can simply set alert for any or all of the activities you want to monitor and put a target(traffic rise or fall) that you want to get notified when is achieved. Google alerts will then send you an alert email with all the information asked by you.
  4. Don’t get yourself counted in the traffic: When you own a website and are in process of enhancing it, its common that you and your employees will make visits to your website too common and will get counted as incoming traffic. In order to avoid yourself and your employees from being counted, you just have to enter all your IP addresses in the ‘Admin’ section and set a filter to tell google not to count visits made from those IP addresses.
  5. Integrate the Google Webmaster Tools: This is a highly recommended tools that must be incorporated to enhance your marketing strategy. If you have not already set Google Webmaster Tools yet for your site, you must do it immediately. The Webmaster Tools provide you with the insights that Google Analytics doesn’t offer, including all the information on the links to your website, impression data, related index issues, spam actions, and also the impression of the organic search keyword and the click data. If you judiciously plan and connect the Webmaster Tools account with your Analytics account, you are sure to  gain access to reports that include Queries, Landing Pages, and Geographical Summary.
  6. Distinguish and understand your type of Audience: You may have many audiences to your website, but segmenting them on basis of their location, age, language, gender etc will help you understand choices of your target audiences and their behaviours.
  7. See reports of Email Campaigns: E mail campaigns are an important part in enhancing your customers. With google analytics custom metrics, you can create customized emails and send as bulk and later view the reports too.
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Google analytics serves you with numerous possibilities and enhanced tools to improve your customer base. It entirely depends upon you to integrate these and make best use of them to promote your website. Also, it is very important to start using all these features and tools as soon as possible, so that you get a clear picture of your website from the very beginning and get to know what is to be changed or improved without wasting any time and resources.

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