Rock Breaker Hire is Advantageous Over New Buy or Manual Labor

A diverse range of application of hydraulic hammers, well known as rock breakers are found in several industries. While rock crushers are able to crush small rocks or heavy surfaces, rock breakers are meant essentially for breaking surfaces and objects which are extensively tough. These rock breakers find extensive usage in land mining and other landscape works including construction as well. These breakers effectively impound pressure on a single pointed piston, and the extensive force creates a mechanical force which is symmetrically distributed through pipes on a larger surface to break through it. Though available in stationary as well as mobile form, the mobile breakers seem to be more popular due to their portability feature.

Justifying Hiring Trend of Rock Breakers – Manual labor

However, in all mining or constructional ventures, you might not come up with a requirement for rock breakers. Moreover, these powerful hydraulic machines come quite expensive in the market with extensive power abilities like 3 ton to 13 ton. Moreover, construction and mining industries which often require breakers may not require a particular type as of always in all types of works. Their requirement can effectively vary with land condition, rocky surfaces, and other major factors. Therefore, investing a bulk amount of finance in buying a high end hydraulic rock breaker may not be a legitimate investment if the purpose of the equipment is for a limited scope.

This has reinforced the market to come up with rock breaker hire solutions. One can easily go through the available product range of rock breakers, decide on the power impact, capacity and power consumption specifications of the equipment and make the hire. Moreover, hiring such bulky heavy pieces of equipment not only saves cost but also saves you paying off heavy taxes.

  • Buying any equipment, especially heavy weight, rock breakers come along with maintenance and servicing responsibilities to ensure smooth performance. However, hiring relieves you from the pressure of liabilities.
  • In case the rock breaker malfunctions or gets damage during operation as per the terms and conditions of hiring, it is the owner who is responsible for replacement of the equipment. Therefore, you do not need to buy another whole new equipment to carry on with your work.
  • There are specifically two types of rock breakers, static and mobile breaker. You may once need one type and in your next excavation require mobile one. However, it is not worthwhile to invest in both types when you are not sure which type you may require. Rock breaker hire system comes handy in such situations.
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Moreover, you can also compare the rate of hire with various vendors before selecting the best deal, thus you have enough scope of budget management.

You may not require the equipment for the entire lease term sometimes, when you can terminate the term going by the mentioned term conditions. However, in case of buying a whole new rock breaker, you have to keep up with the associated liabilities even if you do not need it anymore.

Scope of Usage of Rock Breaker 

Rock breakers find extensive usage opportunities and requirements in several industrial areas. These industries tend to encourage rock breaker hire business in turn.

  • Demolition
  • Construction
  • Mining Excavations
  • Rock Mining
  • Secondary reduction of blasted rocks

There are multiple benefits of hiring rock breakers over other equipment for the purpose of breaking through tough surfaces – manual labor. The use of rock breakers essentially eliminates the need for explosives and blasters. Besides these compact machines can fit in restricted spaces where well drilling equipment may not fit. Moreover, hiring rock breakers saves a lot of cost, which may otherwise be needed for manual labor hiring.

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