Rid Yourself Of Constipation Forever With These Constipation Natural Remedies

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If you have been very reliant on laxatives then it is time to look at natural solutions that you should be looking into to help get the best remedy possible and completely eliminating the chances of being reliant on laxatives all the time.


Fiber is your best friend for Constipation

One of the best constipation natural remedies is fiber. If you star consuming high fiber bran cereal and similar products then you will be able to prevent gas from forming in your stomach and it can help a lot in preventing constipation in the long run. Apart from fibers you should also try to add psyllium seeds and flax seeds to boost the effectiveness of your digestive system. Make sure that you are consuming sufficient amounts of water (at least 8 glasses a day) for maximum effectiveness.

Some of you might have heard that coffee is bad for your digestive system but that is not the case if you have it in moderation. Having herbal or decaffeinated tea or having a hot cup of java early in the morning can help you get your bowel movement going. However, you need to drink in moderation else excess caffeine will only make it worse for you. One trend that has been moving into homes all over the world is the consumption of dandelion tea and it is said that the tea has a very strong laxative effect so you can feel free to try it out and consume it 3 times a day.


Prunes and raisins are good remedies for constipation

Wrinkled fruits Help with Constipation

Prunes and raisins are known to be constipation natural remedies and are among the oldest known remedies for people. Prunes are known to contain dihydroxyphenyl isatin which is known to be highly beneficial for the colon and puts it back to action if you are suffering from constipation. Raisins are high fiber fruits and they also contain tartaric acid which is known to act as a laxative. Make sure that you get quality prunes only for maximum effect and limit your consumption to only how much you need.


Exercise Daily

Exercise is highly necessary to make sure your bodily functions are active and kicking. Even if you do not get the time for a strict exercise regimen make sure that you take at least an evening walk every day to keep your bowel movement going. Exercising is known to make your body and your food move quicker to so not skip this step at all costs to gain the maximum out of our natural constipation treatment process.

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Use Herbs

There are many natural herbs like the cascara sagrada among many others that are known to have high quality laxative properties with no known side effects so go ahead and try them out as they have no known side effects. Senna is also one of the better known herbs that you can try out and it has seen usage for years and years and it’s safe for consumption.

These are some of the natural remedies that you can try out at home if you are suffering from constipation, however the advice of a medical professional is highly recommended before you choose to get natural treatment.

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