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Clean Your House in Less Than an Hour

<p>Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to clean our entire home. This infographic from <a href=”https://www.halfprice.com.au/”>Half Price</a> takes you through how you can give the house a quick clean if you only have an hour to spare. Many people work long hours and it can simply be impossible to find the time to clean your house regularly. The work often piles up and before we know it, it will take an entire day to sort everything.</p><p>However, it isn’t always possible to spend an entire day cleaning or you might have guests coming in the evening and need to clean quickly. Maybe try to follow some techniques from the infographic to get the main areas of your home clean in an hour.</p><p>The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself organised and it might help to put on a music playlist. For example, if you’re a Spotify subscriber, why not put on a playlist that lasts an hour before you begin. When the music stops you know you’re done. Cleaning this quickly will also be a bit of a workout so it’s important to get into some old clothes and comfy trainers before you start.</p><p>Spend an assigned amount of time in each room and just cover the main areas. A good trick to get the microwave sorted in the kitchen is to put 1cm vinegar into a cup and top with 1cm of water. ‘Cook’ that for 90 seconds and all you will need to do after is give the microwave a quick wipe. Don’t forget to get another task or two then when the microwave is on!</p><p>Spend an assigned amount of time in each room but don’t bother with vacuuming until the end of the clean. Dragging the vacuum around with you will simply eat in to your time too much. There is no need to worry about the corners when vacuuming and just focus on the main areas. Find out more in the infographic.</p>

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