There’s Some Roads That You Need To Take For Yourself Only

There are certain things in life that you must do for your happiness. For your peace. In order for you to feel complete.

Taking time to reflect and define the things you need to do to fulfill your wants and needs is not selfish. It’s quite the opposite.

We should be asking ourselves more often: what do I want?

What do I yearn for?

What are the things that your soul is craving to make you feel whole? What are the things that give you strength, that you are thrilled about?

Quote: there’s some roads that I need to take for myself. Not for my family, not for my friends. Just for me.

Only when you do that, (take your path and replenish your cup), then you’ll be given the vitality to pour out into someone else’s cup. We give off what’s inside.

What’s inside of you that you need more of?

Take that road. For you.

What do you think?


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