High Performance Colorbond Roof Replacement

With the rise in demand for metal roofing, colorbond roof replacement has gained a wide popularity. Colorbond roofing can deliver high gradeperformance as it can help withstand snow, rain and wind. Colorbond roof replacement involves coating your roof with a certain kind of steel manufactured by BlueScope steel. In modern times colorbond roofing is more liked over the tiles. The very basic concept of Color bonding is that while manufacturing the steel, the color is bonded to it.

#1. Rejects water accumulation

The steel finish of colorbond roof replacement leaves absolutely no chances of water accumulation. The rain water runs down the roof instantly without any lag or trickle-down movement.

#2. Various designing options

Colorbond Roof Replacement

The artificial Colorbond roof replacement can be achieved in a wide variety of colors. A variety of color options make Colorbond suitable to fit different building designs and themes. With a neat and classy appearance, colorbond roof replacement is a brilliant tool in establishing a modular look. Your Colorbond roof replacements can also be coated with a roof sheeting of different profiles to precisely match the theme of your building’s design.

#3. Reduced painting hassles

Roof materials in general, other than Colorbond, need to be painted separately. This increases the risk of color getting washed away by repeated rainfall and snowing. With Colorbond roof replacement however, the color is pre-bonded with the metal, a process that minimizes the chance of color fading.

#4. Cost cutting on electricity bill

With proper installation, Colorbond roof replacement can efficiently help maintain a balanced temperature in your rooms. With Colorbond you can significantly reduce your interior heating and cooling costs. The thermal efficiency of Colorbond allows it to insulate your house from extreme temperatures, in both summers and winters. Colorbond radiates much lesser heat and cools down much faster than tiles, especially when you opt for the lighter shades.

#5. Superior roof strength

The colorbond material is extremely light weight, and also provides strength to the roof. Colorbond roof replacements have a high wind tolerance, provides defense against combustion and do not fall prey to termites. The Colorbond material, additionally, has a top-grade performance against corrosion, chipping, peeling and cracking. As on one hand Colorbond hones a sincere longevity, and on the other with a fine light weight, reduces the total structural weight of your roof. A light weight roof exerts very minimal pressure on the foundations of your building, thus increasing the life span of your building.

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#6. Colorbonds are low maintenance

Colorbond roof replacements rarely need much maintenance and are very easily cleaned. During the manufacturing process, the baking of Colorbonds makes them more resistant to cracking and leaking.

#7. Colorbond roof replacement adds space to your interior

The light weight feature of Colorbond allows it to cover a longer roof area with only a single sheet of material. This means, your roof structure will need lesser interior pillars to hold up your roof, thus increasing your interior space.


#8. Reduced installation concerns

Colorbond Roof Replacement

Colorbonds can run up to 100 mts in a single stretch, which means while ignoring lap joints; you can install the Colorbond sheets by simply rolling it out at the site.

#9. Waterproof

With tiles, there are chances of water getting pulled in at certain joints. While with Colorbond roof replacement, you get the smooth gliding down of the rain water, which will not lead to such disadvantages.

10. A friend to the environment

Colorbond material is 100% recyclable, and is a majorly reused product in the market. When replacing the old roofing with a new one, the Colorbond roof replacement, using recyclable material, will not add up to the already existing roofing waste in landfills.

11. Cost-efficient

It is true that tiles are cheaper as compared to Colorbon, but when compared with the added benefits, like upkeep and maintenance cost of a Colorbond roof replacement, the tiles will not reach anywhere near the cost-efficiency.

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