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    Is Online TV Killing Traditional TV? (Infographic)


    LXP - Lifexpe - Is Online TV Killing Traditional TV? (Infographic)

    The internet has become increasingly important in the way that consumers now watch television. Especially given the rise in subscription-video-on-demand streaming services (others known as SVOD). The whole area of online TV and video services is forecast to generate $42 billion dollars in global revenues by 2020. We know there is huge demand as more […] More

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    Why Many Grown People Watch Naruto Shippuden

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    LXP - Lifexpe - watch naruto shippuden Kakashi Shiruken Hinata Sasuke Sakura - LXP

    Many people really wonder why a grown man or grown woman would still watch Naruto Shippuden or watch anime at all?! I will give you some perspective on why some people hang on to this anime. Here are a couple of common things I’ve heard people say concerning Naruto or Naruto Shippuden: Why the hell do you […] More

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