When You Don’t Know What To Choose, Choose Mental Health

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All of us humans are unique. However, we share one trait that can get pretty challenging to deal with when life turns sour. Uncertainty. Most of us don’t do well with that threat. It diminishes feelings of safety and security and generates a great deal of stress and anxiety. This defense mechanism can be hazardous for our mental health, especially with conflicting information and uncertainty.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. Many are frightened by the lack of control and feeling helpless. Even without the pandemic, many people are overworked, feel underappreciated, and stressed. All this, plus the uncertainty, can pour over many other aspects of our lives, making us feel scared about the future. This kind of stress, in the long run, can wreak havoc on our mental health. 

Sings of neglected mental health issues are often obvious

There is one scary thing about mental health issues. Sometimes, people aren’t exactly aware of what’s happening to them. As a result, you might feel edgy, sad, anxious, feel helpless, and sad. If you noticed that you’re frustrated easily, want to isolate yourself, or you’ve taken up some bad habits. Carrying out basic daily activities can get challenging, and you feel less motivated to choose your next steps. However, no matter what, there is one thing you should engrave in your mind from now on. 

Choose mental health LXP quote

Quote: When you don’t know what to choose, choose mental health. 

You need to fix yourself first, before saving the day and others

Trust me, whatever is happening around you, you can start fixing by taking care of yourself first. Let me thoroughly explain why it’s paramount to tend to your mental health needs before anything else. 

Mental health is undoubtedly an integral part of a healthy and balanced life. So let me share an old piece of wisdom with you. Health is not just the absence of pain and discomfort. Health means a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease. Hence, many are not actually healthy at all.

So, your mental health encompasses your psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. Moreover, the state of your mental health significantly impacts the way you perceive things, how you feel, think, and behave every day. Additionally, your mental health also has an extraordinary impact on your decision-making process, as well as your coping mechanism and the way you relate to other people in your life. 

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Your emotional state impacts your life and the people surrounding you

Emotional health is vital because it impacts your thoughts, relationships, productivity, and effectiveness, whether at work, school, or caregiving. Without a healthy mind and soul, you cannot maintain healthy and loving relationships. However, if you are mentally strong, you can also nicely adapt to every challenging change that comes into your life. Nurtured mind and soul will give you the strength you need to cope with the adversity of life. That, my friend, should be your number one weapon in life. 

Unfortunately, many know this in theory but neglect to put it into practice. If you are one of those who take care of everyone and everything else before yourself, do not worry. I am positive that you will be convinced to finally decide to do some self-care by the end of this article.  

Incredible benefits of self-care

Go ahead and take some time out to tend to your mental health. This has many benefits:

  • It may boost your physical health
  • It will definitely improve your emotional and mental health
  • It will give you protection from the awful side effects of everyday stress
  • It will generate soothing feelings
  • It will make you a better caregiver. 

Ancient wisdom – you cannot pour from an empty cup

Yes, the latter is something many aren’t aware of while tending to their work, family, and friends’ needs. The truth is simple; you cannot pour from an empty cup. We humans need to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others. People who neglect their primary mental health needs, who never nurture and take care of themselves risk many painful side effects. This pain can even turn physical if you’re ignoring the signs of your own emotional distress. 

Please, take care of yourself to avoid the many dangers that lurk behind ignoring your own mental health. Low self-esteem, feelings of resentment, and burnout are just a few harmful repercussions of neglecting self-care. But, if you take care of yourself regularly, you will naturally be a better caretaker of everyone else, be it your spouse, kids, friends, or colleagues. It is just the way it works. 

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Self-care will make you stronger

Moreover, putting your wellbeing first puts you in a position of immense strength. Once you’ve experienced this kind of support that you’re gifting yourself, you will notice that your decision-making process is getting easier. Additionally, you will naturally learn to set constructive boundaries. And from this place, you can one day reach the top of the world. When it comes to mental health, there is no choice to make. You cannot achieve welfare without self-care.

Follow the steps to mental welfare

So, how can you improve your emotional health? Follow these steps, and you will see those small things can make a drastic difference with time. Well-being requires many little decisions, day-to-day. Eating healthy, balanced meals, work out, mindfulness activities, sharing with people, and gratitude is incredibly beneficial in boosting your emotional wellbeing.

Luckily, we live at a time where there is a well-spring of valuable information available to everyone. In addition, there are many support systems available, so if you still aren’t sure about your next steps, you can always reach out for help. 

Connect with other individuals, share your experiences, and open yourself up so people who love you can get the chance to support you. Also, I suggest learning more about mental and emotional health. There are so many excellent sources of knowledge about soul-healing activities and a lot of fantastic advice.


Lastly, you can always reach out and seek a professional’s help. If you feel like any mental health issue impacts your day-to-day life too much, it’s time to reach for extra support. 

Whichever path you choose, remember two things. First, you can do this, and second, we’re in this together. 

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