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Respond To The Present Instead of Reacting To The Past

Make sure you are responding to the present moment and not reacting to something from the past in this present moment

Quote: “Make sure you are responding to the present moment and not reacting to something from the past in this present moment”

Have you ever found yourself reacting to something that isn’t happening right now? For example; not willing to pick up the phone from somebody that said something that offended you. And you didn’t work it out when it occurred. Now, you don’t feel like answering the phone call.

Are you familiar with that?

Well, of course the emotion you would experience at that moment is a reaction of what happened at that time. But, ask yourself the following question; are you acting in the present or reacting to the past?

The past is finished. And we need to learn from it and let it go. Move on to the next thing. Even if it’s painful.

Now, your past has no power over the present moment, unless you allow it. You are in control. You might not feel that way, but you are in control.

The key to being in control is to continue to act in the present. If your phone rings right now, pick up the phone and talk about how you feel, right now. There’s your chance to move forward. There’s your chance to act in the present. If you don’t, you’ll give your past events just a little more power to show up later on, again and bother you in the future.

Every moment you live or relive in the past is a moment you waste in the present. Because you find yourself in the present, but, you’re replaying moments of the past, over and over again. You’re here, right now, but your mind is stuck in the past.

The future is not even here yet. You can plan for it. But do not waste too much of your precious time worrying about what is yet to come.

Look forward, not backwards

When you stop spending time ruminating about what has already happened, when you stop worrying about what might never happen, then you will be in the present moment. In the now.

You will begin to experience real joy in your life and live from a totally different perspective; you’re in the driver’s seat now.

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It’s not easy to be in the now all the time. But, every time you are tempted to react to past events, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of your past or a pioneer of the future. Your future.

So, remember to take life day by day, and be grateful for all the little things you have. All those little things sum up to much bigger things, but you have to recognise that they’re made of millions of much smaller things.

Do not stress over what you cannot control. Let go of the past that (maybe) made you cry or feel sad and focus on the present moment that completes your smile, right now.


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