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How You React To Situations Is How You Build The Rest Of Your Life

No one but you gets to decide how you react. And your reaction is the bricks by which you build the life that you want.

Quote: “No one but you gets to decide how you react. And your reaction is the bricks by which you build the life that you want.”

It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to the things happening to you that really matters. You’ve probably heard that quote before. And it’s an interesting quote. But, what does that really mean in a practical world?

How people treat you is their choice, how you react to how you’re being treated, is your choice. So, the real question here is “how do you choose to respond every time you’re in a tough situation?”

You will hear people say that life is 10% of things that are simply happening to you, and about 90% of it is how you react to those events.

First of all, let’s establish that it is not necessary to respond to everything. You don’t have to.

At all.

You’ve got to let certain things flow, like a river. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the river current. And the water flows in a certain direction. Your emotions will take you a certain emotional state. Do you want to go there?

If you do step into a river, it will might take you into a particular direction. That’s what emotions do. Ask yourself, again, do you want to go there?

React with intelligence instead of emotions

Being emotional is not a problem. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, uncontrolled emotions is not something you want. When you can’t control what’s happening to you, you need to learn to control how you respond. That’s where your true power is!

I will not deny that emotions can be strong. Oh yes, emotions can be really strong and really out there. Flowing with a strong current, taking you to a waterfall. But, the question is, how do you view the world? What do you see when something happens to you?

Recognise, that your emotions are just in the river. And you don’t have to step into the river. You can choose to observe.

As you observe your river stream, you will notice that even if you’re dealing with a strong river current, very strong emotions, you are not part of the river until you step into the river.

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Every time you respond to a situation, you have options and choices. If you feel an automatic reaction coming up, remember that you’re probably knees-deep into the river. Step away from that feeling. Step away from the river. By doing that, you will regain control. Remove yourself from an emotional reaction and position yourself to respond with rational response.

Take time to think it through and respond with your mind and intelligence. 90% of what will happen next depends on your next move.

Feel the river.


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