Every Small Thing You Do Affects Your Happiness

Every Small Thing You Do Affects  Your Happiness

Quote: “when you notice your mental health declining, do one small thing that brings you peace. Take a shower, text a loved one, step outside. One little step is all you need to remind yourself that this is not permanent.”

You’ve probably done a lot of things today since you woke up. You brushed your teeth, you took a shower, put your clothes on, maybe had a coffee and headed off to work or school. We do all these small things one by one as a routine, without planning. They’re the same every day. It’s relatively unconscious.

Now, let’s go back to our routine. How many of the things we mentioned actually contributed to our happiness? Probably none. Because, we don’t do these things with a particular mindset or goal in mind.

What if we flipped the script and add a little bit of what makes us happy? So, ask yourself “what makes me happy as an individual?”

I enjoy showers for example. I really do, I genuinely love to take hot showers. And I take long showers.

There were mornings where I would brush my teeth in the shower, while showering. Just because I was trying to win time during the morning rush. The outcome was in fact that I simply did not enjoy my shower at all. I wasn’t in the moment, I was multi-tasking. Just trying to get it done. And quick.

If we fast-forward and apply that mindset to the other 10.000 things we do every day, then we end up not enjoying anything at all.

Start enjoying the little things

When you notice that your happiness is declining, or your mental health is declining, add one thing that will make you feel better. Just a small thing, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Add something you enjoy.

Happiness is a temporary feeling, but you are absolutely capable of staying happy if you keep adding things to your life that make you happy. You can go from a moment of happiness to a happy week. From a happy week to a happy month. Now you’re a happy person, it’s part of who you are.

What changed? The recipe changed. You now have a cake with much more happy ingredients than you had before.

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How did that happen?

One little step, just one small thing is all you need to remind yourself that you are in control.

Start by changing one small thing in your daily routine. Whatever it is, just add one more thing to the recipe that will make you feel better. When I add music to my mornings, I position myself to have a better mood. My toothbrush becomes a microphone. The mirror is a camera that’s pointing at me.

I’m in a music video.

Everything’s changed. I feel great, and that is the power of one small adjustment. Every day you get thousands of chances to add some magic to your day. You just have to do it. It will change your life.

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