You Can Do It Too: How to Believe In Yourself and Craft an Amazing Life

You Can Do It Too: How to Believe In Yourself and Craft an Amazing Life

How can I make this not sound like a washed-up bumper sticker but still stick it in the head of any respective reader out there? I must admit, it’s tough. But, I promise I will do my best to convince you that believing in yourself can shift everything. You can create an extraordinary life if you just have faith in yourself. 

So, how do you go from quotes to actually breaking the constraints of disempowered thinking and unrealized dreams that follow? Read on, and you will learn how to believe in yourself. Because the truth is, nothing else will ever work if you don’t have faith in yourself. 

Trusting Yourself Changes Everything

Can you imagine no longer being paralyzed by fear, intrusive thoughts, self-doubt, or the need to be perfect? Can you see beyond the obstacles and self-criticism and know the place from where you could act out of self-confidence and self-love? 

Instead of playing the victim and swimming in vulnerability, why not try the other way? 

The truth is, I can’t promise one idea will work perfectly for every human out there. But, many of them will function wonderfully if you just experiment with them a bit, focusing on the positive instead of negative thinking. 

After all, even thinking and speaking of what you wish to achieve will give you a sense of greater control over your life. Once you feel in control, you will also be more confident that you can change your life for the better. 

How to Believe In Yourself

When it comes to success, factors like intelligence, opportunities, connections, and whatnot aren’t critical. In fact, it’s the belief that you can do it. It’s having faith in yourself that you can reach your goals.

Most people will have to deal with obstacles, uncertainty, injustice, or even failure at least once. But, the way people deal with those adversities in life separates the successful from unsuccessful ones. 

How do you know you believe in yourself? If you’re the type of person that will walk into uncertainty with an “I’ll figure it out” mindset – fantastic! You’ve already got it. If you aren’t, it’s okay. 

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Below is a step-by-step guide to believe in yourself and live your best life. 

So, let’s start from the very beginning.

Believe That This Change Is Possible for You

Although it sometimes takes a bit more time and effort, every human on this planet can change for the better. All of us can raise the bar and start the path to a better life. 

The fundamental factor is having faith in yourself in times of uncertainty. But, to explain, that does not have to mean making huge, scary moves. Instead, it’s a willingness to try, experiment, and immerse into challenges even if you don’t know how it will all turn out. 

Believing in yourself does not mean believing you will succeed at first. It’s trusting you’ll be okay even if you have to revise your plan and try again.

Think Pink

A positive outlook is essential to believe in one’s own capabilities to create a better life. Cultivating positive thinking and emotions is critical for self-esteem. Without an optimistic mindset, it’s hard to take sometimes necessary risks for success. 

Moreover, I can guarantee you that a negative mindset is the biggest obstacle you could ever face once you decide to start chasing your dreams.


So, how can you stop those enemy thoughts? 

Stop the Darn Pity Party

The key is to take back control by owning up to your mistakes, reactions, and consequences. In essence, you need to take responsibility for your situation and determine positive beliefs and values. 

Once you decide on those – rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat…

Build and Believe In Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is essential because it affects how you think about problems and challenges. Sometimes, it can mean a difference between going after your dreams or living in fear of failure, never trying. 

So what can you do if you aren’t really feeling it right now? What you can do is believe you have confidence. 

It’s really as simple as it sounds, but I’ll explain. 

Like all of us humans, you are also unique. No one in this world is quite like you, with entirely your talents and exceptional contributions to give this world. You, my friend, are extraordinary. And now is the time to say it. 

Tell this to yourself and repeat it until you start to believe it. Then, again, rinse and repeat.

It may sound weird, but trust me, it works. There are tons of positive affirmations you can craft for yourself. And if you don’t know where to start, look online for some inspiring stories. You’ll be amazed by what believing in yourself can do.

Set Some Goals 

It’s time to go beyond words and mantras. Set some goals for yourself and start achieving them because there is no better way to build self-confidence. Start small, and work your way up to more meaningful pursuits. 

The key to slaying this process is to persevere and not let self-limiting doubts interfere with your progress. Little by little, you will build self-confidence and believe in yourself way more. 

Self-Efficacy Is Critical

Psychologist Albert Bandura described self-efficacy as a belief in one’s ability to succeed in a particular situation. This belief system dramatically impacts how we humans think, feel, behave, and even which goals we decide or fail to pursue. 

And not only that, but self-efficacy also plays a massive role in how we deal with challenges and obstacles in life. 

That’s why the following is incredibly important to realize and keep in mind at all times.

You Are as Capable as Everyone Else  

The simple truth is if others can learn and progress, so can you. Even stubborn pessimists can change, too. All it takes is taking it one step at a time, but with determination and positivity. 


So talk to yourself like you would talk to the dearest friend. Show some love and support to yourself. You would not believe how uplifting self-love is. It’s a sure-fire way to build confidence and believe in yourself.

Everything You Need Is Already in You

You can take my word for it; everything you need is already in you. But, self-help books can help too. So, note the following deep inside your mind: whether you choose to slay this dragon alone or with some help. 

Before taking any of the steps mentioned above, make sure you squash the seeds of doubts and insecurities. The trick is to deal with those first and then focus on the next step. And once again, rinse and repeat.

I promise you, the big picture will turn out more glorious than you could ever imagine.

What do you think?

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