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    Cement Techniques And Uses Of Plaster Of Paris In Construction

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    Plaster of Paris is a building material that consists of a fine, white-colored powder, known as calcium sulfate hemihydrates. The term ‘plaster’ encompasses plaster of Paris, lime plaster, and cement plaster. It is obtained by heating gypsum or calcium sulfate dehydrate to about 140°C – 180°C. When gypsum is heated to such a temperature, it […] More

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    Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire


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    Aspire to inspire before you expire, a quote by Eugene Bell, Jr.  Which means; simply have a goal for your life, don’t let it go to waste. Whether you like it or not, me ànd you will eventually expire one day. You can’t take anything with you. But what you can do is leave a […] More

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