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11 Lifestyle Changes that Will Boost Your Mental Health

Each decision we make has an impact on our mental health as well. Sometimes, the brain needs a little push in the right direction, in order to recover its balance and allow us to carry on with our daily tasks. Unfortunately, studies show that when the times get rough, or depressive, health care providers neglect […] More

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What Do You Need To Discuss With Your Wedding Reception Caterer

One of the most confusing things to plan which can turn out to be really satisfying if planned well, is the catering of a wedding. Wedding are big events. Catering for weddings tend to be one of the busiest affairs to get handled. Hence, when you plan it, you have to be extra sure that […] More

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9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome

Google launched Chrome nearly 9 years ago. It was initially released for Windows and later for MacOS, Android, Linux and iOS. As on 10th November 2016, there were 2 billion  active chrome browsers across the world. This is a sufficient measure of Chrome’s growing popularity over the years. Features like synchronized applications, tabbed browsing, accounts, […] More

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