Life Advice From A Tree: 6 Important Lessons

young man standing next to a giant tree in a forest full of trees while the sun rise

What do you see when you look at a tree? Take your time to think and reflect about it before you respond.

Personally, the longer I look, the better my answers become.

“I can see the wind through the trees.”

“I see season cycles.”

“I see an oxygen factory.”

I went from “I see leaves” to “I see life.”

What you see or whatever comes to your mind is not right or wrong. It’s your unique perspective, at this given moment.

With that, we can all agree that trees give us a lot of value. From both a biological stand point and an aesthetic standpoint.

But, we can also learn from trees. Here’s some advice from a tree:

Stand tall and be proud

Keep your head up. Stand tall. Walk tall.

Be proud of who you are, what you’ve already achieved in your life and accept where you stand today. Of course, you can always improve. And in essence improving means taking something or someone from already ‘good’ and make it ‘better’.

If you want to become better in anything, please understand that you’re already good the way your are today.

Go out on a limb

Don’t be afraid of doing something crazy from time to time.

Growth ‘happens’ when you get uncomfortable. If you’re comfortable all the time, that basically means you’re not growing. At least not a pace where we can see a meaningful difference.

Trees lose their old leaves to gain new ones 6 months later.

That’s the growth process in a nutshell.


Let go of old experiences.

Get new ones.

Remember your roots

As we navigate through life, we all have things we aim for and work for. We love to (day)dream and fantasise about future accomplishments.

That’s great. Nothing should stop you from flying. But just don’t forget about where you come from. The things and the people that helped you get to where you are today.

You didn’t do it all by yourself.

Nobody goes through life all alone.

Don’t forget that.

Be content with your natural beauty

Trees don’t think about how they look and don’t spend time wishing they would look different. Well, we actually assume that they don’t think that way since no tree ever transformed into a river. That we know of.

Try 100% natural from time to time. No cover up. No nothing.

Let you be you. And love it.

Drink plenty of water like trees do

Trees need water to live long and healthy life. So do you.

Water is important. All living beings need it. Water is too important.

If you drink enough water, make sure to schedule moments daily to just drink water.

You know what happens when you don’t water your plants and don’t give them sunlight. Which brings us to our next tree advice.

Enjoy the view

Enjoy the view while you’re here.


Enjoy while you can.

Just enjoy.

Here. And now.

What do you think?

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