Kindness Is Not Weakness Kindness Is Strength

Kindness is not a weakness, it’s a strength

Kindness is magic. It makes people feel special and appreciated.

The ability to be and stay kind no matter what we go through is a reflection of what lives in our hearts. It’s a reflection of our character and things we value.

But there’s this idea in some people’s heads that being kind makes you weak. That being kind puts you in a vulnerable position and opens the door to let people take advantage of you.

Kindness is not weakness. Kindness is strength.

Quote “Kindness is not weakness. Kindness is strength.”

Though there’s a difference between being kind and being naive. Naïveté is allowing bad things to happen to you over and over again and not paying attention to what’s really going on.

Kindness is about how you respond. And being kind doesn’t make you a weak person. It’s actually quite the opposite.

When you choose to be kind, you choose love over hate, light over darkness, and compassion over judgement. You block the attack, you break the bonds, you burn the bridge, whatever you need to do to remove yourself from being a victim again.

But you don’t fire back. And that is extremely hard to do and to continue to do.

Being unexpectedly kind (especially in tough situations) is one of the most underrated agents of change.

When you’re kind, it’s almost like being the sunshine to someone’s life regardless of the weather. We never know what other people are really going through in their personal lives. Our response can make or break somebody’s day without us knowing.

Be kind, always. It’s free.

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