5 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Tooth Enamel Strong

Enamelis the white, visible part of the teeth. It works a thin and softcovering on the teeth. Make no mistake, it’s the hardest part ofthe body and rightly so, works as the first line of defense for yourteeth against plaque and cavities. Despite its strength and vigor,your enamel is susceptible to bacteria and acids. It can starteroding if the teeth are allowed regular acids and plaque buildup.And since children often eat sugar-laden candies and chocolates,their enamel is surely at a greater risk of erosion. However, parentscan take some care and help keep their child’s enamel strong.    

Hereare some tips to keep your child’s enamel strong – 

1.Don’t let your child gorge on sugary items 

Nothingharms the teeth of your child as much as sugary foods and drinks do.They feed the bacteria on the teeth and help in build-up of plaqueand cavities. They are also responsible for acids that are veryharmful for your child’s pearly whites. Naturally, you can’texpect the enamel to remain strong when you child continues to bingeon sugary foods or drinks. Any food or drink high in sugar shouldkeep away from your little ones, or at least you can cut down theintake amount to curb the risks of dental troubles. 

2.Take care of your child’s oral hygiene 

Makeyour child brush twice a day, once in the morning and then at nightbefore hitting the bed. In the morning after brushing, you should askthe child to do floss regularly as brushing alone may not take outfood debris or particles stuck between the teeth. Tongue cleaning isequally important as all these oral hygiene activities can preventplaque buildup. Similarly, make your child rinse the mouthimmediately after meals to keep away food items and minimize plaqueand bacterial risks. 

3.Limit the amount of citric acid 

Themore your child consume foods or drinks high in critic acids, thehigher are chances of enamel erosion. This happens due todemineralization where the essential minerals present in the enamelstart eroding due to the high power of acids. In fact, the acid canseep into the dentin – the soft layer beneath the enamel – andlead to pain and sensitivity. Rising the mouth with water is the beststrategy in cases where your child eat foods with high citric acids.     

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4.Have a diet with calcium rich foods

Calciumis super mineral with tons of dental benefits. It’s even awonderful enamel saver for its ability to neutralize acids. So, itmakes ample sense for your child to have a diet with calcium-richfoods and keep the enamel strong. Dairy products are a rich source ofcalcium while some other foods with similar benefits include almond,beans, kale, soy etc. And yes, your focus should be on giving thechild more of foods with rich in calcium to keep their teeth ashealthy as needed.     

5.Use more of fluoride on daily basis 

Dentistswill always advise you to use only a toothpaste rich with fluoride tokeep the teeth healthy. Such a paste is also helpful for enamel as itsupports the process of remineralization. So, make sure your childbenefit from the power of fluoride. Plus, there are also some foodsand drinks with floured which you can buy in the market and keep yourteeth healthy. It’s also advisable to meet a dentist and check tooth implant cost as it may keep you well informed, in case you havea missing teeth problem in future.    

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